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November 2021

Italian Pasta Recipes


Among the many regional recipes, one of the most ancient in Sicily, is that of spaghetti alla carrettiera, made with few and simple ingredients. The origins of spaghetti alla carrettiera date back to the beginning of the 1900’s, when…

Italian Meat & Fish Recipes

Homemade Hamburger Italian-Style

Hi everyone. Today I present my personal recipe for making delicious burgers. Every Sunday night, I make these burgers for my kids and they love them. The recipe is very simple to make and requires no special skills. Leave…

Italian Cookies Recipes


Orange pastries are great to take to the mountains because of the properties of almonds and the energy of sugar. They are perfect for getting an instant recharge since the energy from the sugar is almost instantly released.  …

Italian Vegetables Recipes

Cauliflower & Ricotta Lasagna

Lasagna with cauliflower is a creamy and delicate first course, a white and vegetarian variant of the classic lasagna Bolognese: ideal for Sunday lunch, it will also appeal to children and to those who do not usually appreciate this…