Everyone wants to claim that the country they live in is the best in the world.

You can watch as people dispute the pros and cons of each location, but with all of the perks that come with residing here, Italy will give you a run for your money on best place to live.

1. The surroundings:

No matter where you live in Italy, whether it be a bustling city like Milan or Rome or a quieter region in Tuscany, you are constantly reminded of the country’s history and beauty.

Everywhere you turn you are faced with stunning art and architecture demonstrated in the largest cathedrals to the smallest apartment.

There is no better place to become truly immersed in a country’s culture than Italy. Regardless

2. The lifestyle:

The lifestyle of Italians is renowned as one of the best in the world.

With a central focus on family and community, Italians are known for close ties with family and loved ones, but also their generous and hospitable attitude towards others.

With a low crime rate and tendency towards a laid back lifestyle, Italy provide a safe, loving, and fun environment for those residing there.

3. The cuisine:

This should be a given, but the food served in Italy is enough to make you up and move there!

While the homemade pizza and pasta dishes are to die for, a lot of times people tend to overlook other facets of Italian cuisine.

Italians love preservation offering some of the tastiest sausage, salami, and wines in the world. Italian seasonings and delicious olive oils made fresh from Italian groves also allow for their food to really shine and taste superb.

4. The school system:

Italy provides a wonderful opportunity for all residents, free public school education for students 6-16. Education is compulsory from these ages.

At 6 years old children begin this education at Scuola Primeria, which is essentially elementary school.

From ages 11-14 students attend La Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado, or middle school.

After the age of 16 when the final year of La Sculoa Secondaria di Primo Grado is completed, students will attend a high school known as La Scuola Secondaria di Secondo Grado that focuses on their passions and or talents regarding what they plan on doing as a career.

These schools range anywhere from fine arts, sciences, agriculture and so on.

This is great because it allows students to put their greatest efforts into a field that they enjoy and thrive at!

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