It happens to all of us: you have to prepare a soffritto and you start crying as if your sweetheart has left you?

No, it’s not the hormones, it’s really the onions’ fault.

So, follow these simple tips and there will be no more secrets to slicing onions without crying.

When sliced, onions release a substance that irritates the eyes and our body, to defend itself, begins to make the eyes tear. .

An operation that, generally, is successful, but not in this case.

When they meet, in fact, the tears and the irritant generate sulfuric acid and the result is that the eyes burn even more.

So here are a few tricks to avoid this annoyance.




1. How to cut onion without crying: general tricks
To avoid irritating your eyes while cutting an onion, try to keep your distance from the product while slicing it. Also, remember not to touch your eyes after touching it.

2. How to cut onion without crying: wear your glasses
If you usually wear glasses, wear them when cutting onions as well: the lenses will act as an obstacle between the onion and your eyes and will protect you a bit from burning. If you don’t have glasses, try sunglasses or pool goggles.

3. How to cut onion without crying: slice it under water
The best way to avoid crying when cutting onion is to slice it (after peeling it) under running water. This way, the stinging substance will literally be rinsed away and your eyes won’t get irritated.

4. How to cut onion without crying: rinse the knife
As soon as you feel your eyes burning, rinse the knife under water. In this way, you will eliminate part of the harmful substances and you will suffer less.

5. How to cut onion without crying: do it quickly
Time is precious: try to make the most of it and slice the onion in a short time, so you will avoid that the irritant substance burns your eyes.

6. How to slice onions without crying: put them in the freezer
Before slicing, put the onion in the freezer: in this way the stinging gas will be released more slowly.

7. How to cut onion without crying: use vinegar
Prepare a bowl with water and a dash of vinegar. Soak the onion, skinless and divided in half, and let it steep for about ten minutes. Then start chopping it.


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