DONUT with PANDORO: The Amazing and Fantastic Ricotta & Chocolate Cake

This is an amazing Christmas recipe.

Give it a try if you like sweets and you will see that it will be finished in ten seconds.

Let me know how you liked it!!!





YIELD: Serves 4 to 5
  • 1/2 pandoro
  • 9 oz strained ricotta
  • 9 oz  whipped cream
  • 3.52 oz sugar
  • 5 oz chocolate chips
  • liquor or simple sugar syrup as needed
  • melted chocolate, cocoa powder or icing sugar as needed
1. Prepare a bundt cake pan by lining it with cling film.
2. Slice the pandoro in long rectangular strips.
3. Arrange the strips all along the pan so that all the sides and base are covered completely.
4. Prepare the ricotta filling by beating the ricotta along with the sugar using an electric beater.
5. Add the chocolate chips and whipped cream. Mix to combine.
Soak the arranged slices with the sugar syrup or liquor of your choice Gently press the cake slices into the pan, so that they stay firm.
6. Spoon the ricotta and cream mixture so that it fits into the layered slices.
7. Layer the top with more cake slices so that the filling is completely covered.
Again soak the top most layer with more sugar syrup or liquor. Top with cling film and leave to set in the refrigerator preferably overnight or 7 to 8 hours.
8. Remove the cling film and  transfer to a serving plate.
9. Top with melted chocolate, cocoa powder or icing sugar

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