For Tripadvisor Travelers, Rome is the Best Eating city in the WORLD

Rome is a gold medalist for cuisine, first in the world for its delicacies.

To be convinced of this are travelers from Tripadvisor, an American restaurant, accommodation and travel review website, who have awarded the Eternal City with reviews.

This is precisely a portal that users consult to often seek opinions before visiting a place, eating in a restaurant or sleeping in a hotel, relying on the experiences and reviews of those who have been there before them.

In addition to this recognition, which places it on the top step of the podium, the capital is ranked fourth as the most visited destination in the world.

Merits attributed to it as part of the 2023 Travellers’ Choice Best of the Best awards.

There is a ranking of verie destinations that is compiled based on reviews and scores over the year. Rome wins with its traditional dishes, just to name a few from carbonara to cacio e pepe, from meat to fish main courses.


Rome first in the world for food lovers

For Tripadvisor and its travelers, Rome is the favored destination has no equal in the world.

In fact, it beats other popular and well-known destinations among food lovers, international tourists whose palates are on the hunt for typical local food and wine specialties.

The Italian capital wins over Crete in Greece and Hanoi in Vietnam.

In fourth place is Florence, and in fifth place is Paris.

Rome, on the other hand, ranks fourth in the world when considered as a tourist destination.

A ranking this one that sees three cities vying for the preferences of tripadvisor travelers: from Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Bali (Indonesia) and London (United Kingdom).

Gualtieri: “Roman cuisine unique in the world.”

On the reviews of Tripadvisor travelers who awarded Roman cuisine, Mayor Roberto Gualtieri spoke, calling the result “a beautiful recognition, which confirms the quality of the tourist offer and our cuisine, unique in the world.”




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