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Chocolate covered almonds, also known as “mandorle atterrate” (landed almonds), are typical sweets of the Apulian Christmas tradition.

They are delicious chocolates made with whole almonds and chocolate which can be dark chocolate.

The thing that will surprise you so much will be the simplicity with which they are prepared.

Chocolate covered almonds are ideal as a dessert to be munched after dinner or for our snacks away from meals.






SERVINGS: 15-20 pcs

  • 2 cup of dark chocolate (70% minumum)
  • 2 cup of almonds (with skins)



First we toast the almonds with peel in the oven at 350 F  for 5  minutes.

Let them cool and in the meantime melt the chocolate in a bain-marie.

Pour the toasted almonds into the chocolate, mix well, so that they are well covered.

With a spoon take a few almonds, and helping yourself with another spoon make them fall on a shelf (baking sheet, tray etc.) with baking paper. Let the prepared almonds rest, so that the chocolate hardens.


Chocolates can be stored for about 10 days in a glass jar away from light and heat sources.


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