How to Remove the Smell of Fried Food from your House

The smell of fried in the house often becomes a problem.

Here are some natural methods to get around this unpleasant problem: let’s see what they are and why they intrigue.

Obviously first of all it is advisable to fry with the window open and when the recipe allows it cover the pan with a lid.

You can then add some apple slices in the oil intended for frying, they are put when this is still cold and once golden start to absorb the bad smell.



Water pot with bay leaves

Natural method very cool and easy to do is to boil in a pot of water of bay leaves, the aroma shared will be intoxicating and will cover the stench of fried and if you want even that of burned.

Apple cider vinegar usually useful on hair is also used to remedy this unpleasant effect that is very common in cooking: this can be added to the cooking water.

DIY room scenters to eliminate bad odors

In addition to those mentioned above dedicated to eliminate the stench related to fried food, there are others to be made to obviate the smell of fish, burnt but also broccoli or even to give a natural aroma to the environment.

The method is always the same and it consists in boiling some spices in a pot: cinnamon, juniper, star anise and coffee beans, it is enough to choose the one you like the most in order to give the house an intoxicating and natural smell.

  • Laurel leaves, these are very useful odor-eating leaves for frying and for eliminating the bad smell of burning.

  • Tangerine peels and cloves, thanks to their perfume will cover the unpleasant smell of fried food and will be persistent.

  • Juniper berries and nutmeg, a pleasant scent of spices, with that pungent part

  • Apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar, neutralize the smell of broccoli and cauliflower, can be added directly in the boiling water of vegetables

  • Lemon slices and rosemary, eliminates bad smells from meat and fish

  • Orange peel and cinnamon, in addition to eliminating bad odors give the environment an intoxicating scent

  • Coffee beans and star anise, for those who love coffee this is just the right method to use

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