Italy: Pizza is the Most Ordered Comfort Food at Home and at Work

Four out of ten Italians order meals at home from the phone or from their PC.

This is what emerges from an analysis of Coldiretti and Censis on food delivery.

According to the study at the top of the list of reasons that make people want to order food at home is the fact of being tired and not wanting to cook.

Added to this was a study by Alfonsino, an Italian delivery company for small towns, which carried out a survey to trace the evidence and trends of consumption of the dishes and foods most ordered by users of the platform in the more than 200 municipalities covered by the service. From the analysis it emerges that in first place is pizza, followed by fried foods, such as fries, and hamburgers; while just off the podium are pastries and ice cream.

Fifth, finally, ethnic cuisine.


Delivery is increasingly appreciated by Italians

The pandemic has upset the habits of Italians who are increasingly opting for food delivery to have lunch or dinner delivered to their homes.

This was revealed by a study by Censis and Coldiretti. For most cases, the choice is motivated by the fact that those who order is tired or does not feel like cooking (57.3%), but there are also those who use it to make use of it in case of dinners with relatives or friends.

Finally, there are also those who rely on delivery to cheer up evenings at home (32.6%), those who do not have time to prepare their own meals (26.5%) and those who do not want to give up good food without having to go out (24.7%) as well as those who want to try new and original dishes (18%) and those who do not know how to cook (6.9%).


Comfort food wins in delivery with pizza as the first product

But what do Italians order for an evening with friends, a candlelight dinner, lunch at the office or to watch their TV series while sitting on their sofa?

Alfonsino Spa, the Italian delivery company for small towns, has carried out a survey to trace evidence and consumption trends of the dishes and foods most ordered by the platform’s users in the more than 200 municipalities covered by the service.

Accomplice to the period of great difficulty, it is not surprising that to dominate the ranking of the most ordered dishes is the comfort food, which at home or in front of the desk makes us happy and satisfied.

To triumph for users who order from Alfonsino is the timeless pizza (28%) followed by fried delicacies, such as chips, arancini and crocchè (21%).

Third place for burgers, sandwiches and toast (18%) followed by sweets and pastries, including yogurt and ice cream. Only 11% of Italians order ethnic cuisine, of which 6% go for sushi and only 1% choose Mexican or Turkish cuisine.

Only 2% of Italians decide to order healthy food such as poke and bowl.

Among the preferred pizzas, in first place the classic Margherita (30%) followed by Diavola, Bufalina and Marinara.

In third place among the best-selling dishes, according to the survey carried out by Alfonsino, there is the modular sandwich (14%) which has among its advantages for those who order the speed of being able to eat something on the ‘fly’ and, at the same time, the customization of the meal, being able to choose from a wide variety of ingredients.

Among the interesting data at the national level, also the top5 drinks with Coca-Cola in first place (40%) followed by Coca Cola Zero (23%), Fanta, natural water and Heineken.




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