MALOCCHIO: How to Know if you have the Evil Eye and the Most Effective Remedies

There are those who believe in it and those who do not, those who think it is an intrinsic evil and those who just an ancient belief: we are talking about the evil eye.

Very often, in fact, we hear about the evil eye, but almost no one knows what it really is. Just in this article we will try to give a valid and credible explanation to all the questions about this very particular subject.


What is the evil eye?
By evil eye is meant the ability of people or animals to generate events of negative nature just through a simple glance.

The explanation is therefore very clear, but the questions about it are many and the answers are not entirely exhaustive.

Trying to ask questions about this issue, could seem something crazy, but it is equally true that this is a concept now widespread that needs clear and comprehensive answers.

Very curious and interesting is the idea of good and evil widespread in the oriental culture, for which both are considered incorporeal and able to wander around the entire planet undisturbed.

These two energies, always on the move, travel through unknown methods and without any reasonable explanation: from this also comes the concept of evil eye and its malevolent power.

Next to popular beliefs, however, there is also science with its in-depth research.

The evil eye is a widespread concept, but at the same time a very strong form of superstition according to studies. According to age-old beliefs, some people have the ability to cast the evil eye unknowingly; others, however, do so voluntarily. In both cases, this stems from feelings of envy, obsession, anger, disappointment.

And so, can a simple glance bring so much bad luck? We will try to give an answer to this question in this article.


Evil eye: why is it called in this way?

Many people wonder why the evil eye is actually called in this way and, what there is more fascinating in the answer, is precisely that it is exactly as we imagine it.

In all cultures where this belief is widespread, it means to be looked at badly and, in some cases, to generate evil from the eye.

Therefore, it means to be looked upon badly by someone who feels pain, anger or envy and who desires the misfortune of others. He or she who generates negative events to the detriment of someone else, could undoubtedly be the cause of serious illnesses and psychosomatic pathologies that require full medical care.

It is very important to underline that, in some circumstances, medicine has great difficulty in identifying and treating the patient in a targeted and appropriate way, due to the absence of mental balance.

Evil eye: symptoms and procedures to diagnose it

Learning to recognize if you are a victim of the evil eye is not that difficult: generally, affected people feel a powerful headache, sadness, exhaustion, nausea and frequent mood swings.

Attention, it is very important to consider and never forget how the evil eye can act undisturbed in various areas of a person’s life and cause events of a negative nature.

In fact, it is believed that both emotional and professional lives, can be plagued by considerable misfortune.

In areas where the belief of the existence of the evil eye is very deep-rooted, there are experts who are perfectly capable of understanding if a person has been affected by adversity: they are, generally, very old women and deeply tied to tradition, handed down from generation to generation.

It is good to always keep in mind, however, that a trivial headache after a long and stressful working day may have nothing to do with the evil eye and, by virtue of this, it is important not to be overwhelmed by emotions.

It is clear that, for several of these symptoms, there is an exhaustive scientific explanation, for which it is always good to consult your trusted doctor.

We now come to the most common procedures for the diagnosis of the evil eye.

The most popular is well known as the Oil Rite (a liter of water and 3 drops of oil), according to which, the person affected by the evil eye, will have to sit in silence before a healer who will perform a series of actions.

In particular, the person who takes care of healing and restoring the balance, has the task to fill a dish with a little water and, keeping it with the left hand, draw the sign of the cross on the forehead of the victim of the evil eye for three times with the right hand.

Always the healer, then, repeats the secret words of the ritual for three times.

Next, he makes the sign of the cross (again for three), touches the edges of the plate and repeats the secret phrases again.

At the end of the procedure, it is time to pour the drops of oil into the dish observing their disposition in the water: if the oil spreads, the evil eye is acting; on the contrary, it has been present for a long time and it will be very difficult to leave the unfortunate person.


How to remove the evil eye?

Are you convinced that you have been hit by the evil eye? It’s good then that you take action as soon as possible in order not to worsen the situation and jeopardize your psychophysical balance.

First of all, it is good to ascertain through the Oil Rite: if it remains afloat, you will have nothing to fear; otherwise, get rid of the water in a place that is as far away as possible from you and your family.

According to popular belief, there are several remedies to fight and eliminate the evil eye for good.

These are real solutions to avoid that some ill-intentioned person generates negative energy and can transmit it to others.

Some remedies suggested by the popular tradition, refer to a series of objects which preserve positive energy, such as amulets and jewels to keep always with you, maybe on your wrist or in your bag.

Reciting a prayer or a mantra without necessarily the help of an esoteric operator, is a very useful action to ward off the evil eye.

And then, you know, the transmission of negative energy can occur simply through a look, sometimes involuntary or unconscious, but that harms the psychophysical balance of the person: for this reason, the ancient popular beliefs, suggest the implementation of a series of rituals, not too complex, but still useful to fight the evil eye.

Touching iron, touching a sacred image, touching stones or wood; these are the scaramantic actions that can help to maintain a certain inner balance and to remove the negative energy.

Defeating the evil eye in a definitive way, means being able to touch the purity of one’s aura and regain the lost well-being. According to superstition, these exercises can be very useful to reach a strong inner peace, integrating them with daily moments of meditation.

By doing so, it will be much easier to get on your own path, generate a strong self-confidence, optimism and enthusiasm in facing life. Finally, the ideal is to live in environments always well sanitized, bright and orderly: choose to purify the rooms of your home with natural elements, such as salt and water.


San Cipriano: the prayer against the evil eye

Ancient popular beliefs claim that the prayer of St. Cyprian is among the best methods to eliminate the evil eye and return to a peaceful lifestyle.

The prayer to remove the evil eye is divided into three basic parts of equal importance: repentance, praise to God and avert; the latter, then, can be repeated up to three times.

This is a very simple rite to learn by heart and ideal for all those moments dedicated to meditation and purification of the spirit: if repeated in a proper and orderly environment, in a low voice, it could be a valuable aid to find the right path.

At the end of the prayer, it is important to make three crosses on one’s forehead seven times with the oil that has been placed in the dish together with the water. It is recommended, then, to throw the remaining liquid as far away as possible.

Finally, pour another three drops of oil into a dish with water and check if the situation has regularized. If this is not the case, it is advisable to repeat the rite as many times as necessary.

If after several attempts the ritual is not successful, it is good to “cut” the drops of oil with a pair of scissors.

Amulets that protect from the evil eye

Among the most popular beliefs, there is precisely that of possessing an amulet to counter the evil eye or, at least, keep it at a distance. But what is the ideal amulet for the best protection?

There are several, of different invoices and extractions but, first of all, choose the one you like the most and that fully reflects your personality.

The full strength of an amulet is always in the meaning that is associated with it and the value it possesses, not only because it is beautiful, but also because it was given as a gift by a dear or important person.

What really matters is that the amulet bears the image of an eye: among the most famous ones, we want to remember the Eye of Horus, of ancient and Islamic origin, but also the Hand of Fatima with an eye in the center of the palm of the hand.

Similarly, it is also possible to exploit the positive power of very effective stones, such as Turquoise and Agate or Carnelian.

Finally, only by strongly believing in the symbolic value of these amulets, it will be possible to find all the energy to eliminate the evil eye.


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