SICILIAN CASSATA: The Most Iconic Sicilian Cake

Post Views: 10,571 PRINT RECIPE OR SAVE PDF RECIPE FILEThe Cassata Siciliana is the most iconic Sicilian cake, an elaborate dessert made with sponge cake, moistened with liqueur and layered with ricotta cheese, covered with marzipan and decorated with candied fruits and royal icing.     SERVINGS:6-8   INGREDIENTS: 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) sheep ricotta  Sponge cake  Marzipan  Candied fruit to taste  200 g (7.05 oz) of chocolate chips  500 g (17.64 oz) sugar  350 g (12.35 oz) powdered sugar  Lemon juice to taste  Apricot jelly to taste   DIRECTIONS: Start with the ricotta: Sift the ricotta cheese and whisk with the sugar to obtain a soft, smooth and frothy cream. Add the diced candied fruit and chocolate chips. Use sponge cake and marzipan: Cut the sponge cake into thin slices. Roll out the marzipan with a rolling pin to a thickness of around 0.2 inches. Assemble the cake: Line a fluted cake tin with parchment paper and cover the bottom with slices of sponge cake (don’t leave any empty spaces!). For the sides, use small rectangles of sponge cake and marzipan. It’s best if they are of the same size and alternating colors. Fill the cake: Sprinkle the sponge … Continue reading SICILIAN CASSATA: The Most Iconic Sicilian Cake