New intense eruption of Etna: the awakening of the largest active volcano in Europe is characterized by an imposing cloud 10 kilometers high.

The sky above Etna, in the dark of the evening, is illuminated by “strombolian activity” that, from 20.40, reports the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, becomes “lava fountain”. It was also launched the red alert for the skies Vona (Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation).


Three flows from the South-East crater

According to the Ingv of Catania the lava flow produced by the activity of the South-East crater (since last summer became the highest peak of the volcano) is well fed.

There are three flows of pyroclastic material: the first two have traveled a few hundred meters in the direction of the Valle del Bove, the third is directed south always for a few hundred meters.

The eruptive cloud produced by the ongoing activity is about 10,000 meters high and is dispersed in the western sector of the volcano.

The average amplitude of the volcanic tremor has reached very high values and the sources remain in the Southeast crater area, at an altitude of about 2,900-3,000 m above sea level. Infrasonic activity has also reached very high values and is localized at the Southeast Crater.

The fears for the fallout of the ash

This is the first eruption of 2022. After a few months of respite the volcano that in its heart is in perpetual activity has resumed its dynamism stromboliano.

Etna gives a show, the activity is concentrated in the summit of the volcano and does not create at present problems for the population.

Even if there is concern for the fallout of volcanic ash, which for a year has been a continuous emergency for the municipalities, for the population and for the economic activities of transport and agriculture.

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