Newlyweds Book Wedding Lunch at Restaurant…Without Saying It’s a Wedding



After all, it is a lunch, regardless of the reason for which it is organized: this must have been the reasoning of the newly married couple who booked a table for 20 people at a restaurant on the Appian Way in Rome, but without specifying that it was a wedding banquet.

The restaurateur was taken aback: “You should have warned me,” he said as he found himself confronted by the two young men evidently reeling from the ceremony, wearing white suits and tuxedos. “But we would have spent too much,” the retort in unison.

As they explained to Il Messaggero, in fact, the newlyweds did not organize special lunches and menus either because they wanted an intimate celebration or for economic reasons.


“When I talked about a wedding lunch, the costs would rise by default.”

It is not news that, who knows why, all services related to weddings-from makeup to hairstyling via photographer, pastry chef and banquet (the latter having a greater impact on the total budget)-cost much more than normal.

“As soon as I said it was for a wedding lunch, the price went up,” the newlywed in fact explained to the Roman newspaper, also recounting that he had looked for affordable solutions in several venues in and around the capital, but had not found anything within the reach of his finances. “That’s why I decided to make a reservation without saying that we would get married in the morning,” he continued proud of his choice.

In the end, in fact, it seems that the party went well.

The venue owner was left with a bitter taste in his mouth: leaving aside the issue of the takings, who knows, maybe he would have liked to welcome the bride and groom in a more romantic way. Who knows?

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