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If you have never eaten the sfincione  I recommend you to try it.

It is a kind of focaccia high and soft, seasoned with sauce made of onions, salted anchovies and oregano.

I guarantee you that a real treat, sfincione is good both hot and cold.

It is an ancient recipe whose main ingredient is pizza bread (soft and leavened, similar to a sponge) with a sauce made of tomato, onion, and small pieces of typical Sicilian cheese (called caciocavallo).

The sfincione can be tasted only in Palermo and in its hinterland in some pizzerias, delicatessens and bakeries.



Servings: 6



  • 2 cups + 1 tbsp of 00 flour or strong white bread flour
  • 2 tbsp of beer yeast
  • 1 cup of water
  • 4 tbsp of extra virgin oil
  • 1 tsp of granulated sugar
  • pepper to taste
  • salt to taste



  • 25 oz red tomatoes or 1 can of peeled tomatoes
  • 10 oz onions
  • 1.76 oz of anchovies in oil
  • 6 tbsp of tomato paste
  • 1/4 cups of grated Pecorino Romano Cheese
  • 2/3 cups of breadcrumbs
  • extra virgin oil to taste
  • oregano to taste




For the dough:
After dissolving the yeast in warm water (not hot!) along with a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt, add the flour and knead for a long time, leaving the dough to rise in a warm place for a couple of hours.

For the Sauce
Slice onions finely and wilt them in a couple of tablespoons of oil on a pan.
Add tomatoes, salt and pepper and cook everything for at least half an hour over medium heat.
After placing the dough in a baking dish, previously greased with oil, spread the tomato and onion sauce.
Arrange the anchovies, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, pecorino cheese and oregano to taste and let everything rest for at least half an hour.
Bake at 392 F for about 30 minutes.


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