The World’s Longest Cannoli: 21 Meters and 700 KG. of Ricotta Cheese- VIDEO & PICTURES

Caltanissetta has entered the Guinness Book of Records with the longest cannoli in the world: 21 meters and 43 centimeters, a measurement that clearly exceeds the previous record of 5 meters.




A super sweet stuffed with 700 kilos of ricotta prepared in Corso Umberto and then distributed free to all citizens present.

The initiative is by Ristoworld Italia, which attempted the record authorized by London and coordinated by master pastry chef Lillo Defraia, a knight of the Italian Republic, assisted by Luigi Li Veli, Guinness procedure expert.

The event was attended by cooks and pastry chefs from different associations from all over Italy.

The proclamation took place in the presence of Guinness delegate Robert Sherman.

Godmother of the event was Anna Martano, prefect for Sicily of the Italian Academy of Gastronomy and Gastronomy, author of numerous publications and essays on Sicilian cuisine and pastry, trainer and expert on ancient grains.

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