This is the Largest Sfogliatella in the World

Ninety-two kilos of weight, sixteen hands at work and twelve hours of work to knead and bake it: this is the largest sfogliatella in the world, officially entered in the Guinness Book of Records in  Naples (2018).

The super sfogliatella is the work of the pastry chefs of Cuori di Sfogliatella, a historic Neapolitan pastry shop founded by Antonio Ferrieri who dedicated his life to the most representative dessert of the city of Naples.

Everything according to tradition
Recipe, dosage and proportions respected all the dictates of the authentic Neapolitan dessert, as certified by Lorenzo Veltri, Official Judge of Guinness World Records.

He then entered the creation of Cuori di Sfogliatella in the register of world records as “The Largest sfogliatella”.

A purpose-built oven


“It’s a dream come true,” Ferrieri explains in a note released to the press. ”

It took twenty kilos of semolina, thirty kilos of ricotta, twenty kilos of sugar and six candied oranges, a special oven built for the occasion and four hours of baking.

Almost a thousand people in the square were able to taste it and celebrate with us the supremacy”.




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