This is the World’s Largest Zeppola

A record-breaking zeppola di San Giuseppe: 84 kilos in weight and more than a meter in diameter.

These are the dimensions of the largest version of the cake, linked to Father’s Day, in the world.(2019)

It was made by the confectioners of the historic Gambrinus coffee in Naples and was presented in Piazza Trieste e Trento on Sunday morning.

After the measurements that made the record official, the slices were distributed to the tourists who crowded in front of the stand curious about the event.

The initiative was organized by the Gambrinus patrons, Antonio Arturo Michele Sergio and Massimiliano Rosati.

The Zeppola di San Giuseppe has been enrolled in the register of traditional products, it would be interesting to start a project of promotion and enhancement of artisanal and traditional Neapolitan pastry together with the operators of Neapolitan pastry,” reported to laRepubblica Rosario Lopa, spokesman of the National Council of Agriculture, former Delegate to the Agriculture sector of the Province of Naples and President of the Committee for the Promotion, Protection and Enhancement of Neapolitan Pizza, member of the National Department of Environment Agribusiness Food Catering and Tourism of the MNS.




How to Make the Real Italian ZEPPOLE DI SAN GIUSEPPE


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